Wednesday, 13 July 2011


MY MISSION is to advocate a healthy lifestyle through dance, fitness and healthy eating.

Dance is a fun, physical and creative way to keep fit. Not only does it stimulate the body, it stimulates the mind too. Dancing can boost your confidence and can lift your mood substantially. You can let your mind disappear from 'the real world' and instead focus on the sense of achievement that dancing can bring.

Being healthy is not only about exercise, but eating the right foods. A nutritionally balanced and varied diet is essential to complete your healthy lifestyle. Everyone can have a healthy diet whatever their taste buds, budget and cooking ability.

As a dancer, teacher and cooking expert, I would like to provide people of all ages with the knowledge and skills to kickstart their healthy lifestyle.


At present, I teach a variety of dance styles in and around Surrey including street dance, cheerleading and contemporary choreography. I have also recently qualified as a Zumba instructor and will be starting classes in July.

I am working with Woking Dance Festival as the 'Marketing Officer' for their summer festival 'Summer Shorts 2011', which has been made possible through their Young Ambassadors scheme. Woking Dance Festival have also given me the opportunity to work with Artistic Director of Movement Angol, Francis Angol as his choreographic assistant in order to create a dance piece for young people. View Woking Dance Festival's activities:

I am always looking for new opportunities to develop my career in the arts, whether it be teaching, volunteering, performing, choreography or administration. 

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